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10 best Video Editing Apps for Android 2022

10 best Video Editing Apps for Android 2022 There is an ever-growing amount of Android video editors that are available through the Play Store currently. And , if you do not know what you want it may be overwhelming to narrow down and figure out which is the most effective video editing app available for Android.

So , in this article we’ll give you an overview on the 10 most effective video editing applications for Android that are both free and paid to assist you in making an educated decision and start the video editing process.

Here are the topics we’ll be reviewing:

10 best Video Editing Apps for Android 2022

1. Filmr

2. Quik

3. FilmoraGo

4. Kinemaster

5. Viva Video

6. WeVideo

7. Video Show

8. Magisto

9. InShot

10. Power Director

1. Filmr

Filmr is a great app for editing videos. Filmr app is an incredibly user-friendly video editing app available for Android and iOS-based smartphones. It is perfect for beginners and advanced video creators, it comes with a an easy, quick and user-friendly interface. It is possible to add effects, transitions filters and more to change a basic video to one that’s amazing. If you’re seeking speed, agility, and an attractive style to the look of your videos, Filmr is the spot for you.

The Filmr review: Filmr received an all-around score of 4.4/5 Based on user reviews of 8126 users. It also has one million and increasing downloads on the Playstore.

Price: It comes with the option of a free version that permits users to make videos that include InVideo watermarks. InVideo watermark. Paid plans begin at $15/month.

Key Features:

There is no limit to the number of images or videos you can import.

Unique and smooth transitions between videos

Multiple fonts to help your text stand out

• Change video format easily You can easily switch between vertical (16:9 as well as 4:5) and vertical (4:3) stories (9:16) as well as square (1:1)

20 millionplus music royalty free music library

– Special filters and effects that transform videos

Key Features of Filmr Video Editor


The greatest feature of Filmr is it comes with no advertisements!

It features the ability to create a vertical editing timeline, which allows video editing super easy unlike other apps.

It is possible to reorder videos, images and audio clips using a simple drag-and-drop

You can look up any song you like with an easy search, and add music by importing existing music files

– Rotate, reverse and Flip videos in a single tap

Remove the watermark in a matter of watching an ad , or by making a change to the PRO

– Save the gallery to your computer or directly export onto any popular social media app

– Set the duration of changes to a specific number of seconds

Directly take videos using the app and edit them.

You can customize the length of the text video by using the bar of text


There isn’t an Undo option available in its Android version

Filters are limited in number

You cannot make a recording directly in the app

It is impossible to select the video resolution prior to saving

It is not able to support different languages.

Create stunning videos in minutes

With the most simple mobile editing app

Try Filmr today!

Create stunning videos in minutes

2. Quik

Quik Video Editor

Quik is among the most popular free video editing applications for Android and is provided into your hands by GoPro. Through the Quik app you are able to make amazing videos with only a few clicks.

Automatically add effects and transitions automatically and apply beat-synched themes to create stunning edits and edits you can share. The majority of the editing by itself, however, Quik can also be customized to provide specific particulars.

The review: Quik has gained an overall score of 4.4/5 Based on reviews of 476,637 customers.Quick is an free video editing app available for Android phones.

Cost: Quik is a free video editing app for Android phones.

Key Features:

• Add up to 75 photos or video footage from your photo gallery. Cloud storage or GoPro Plus

Motion images

Unlimited backup at 100 100% quality

GPS stickers to show off GoPro video’s speed

AI-powered face, motion and sound detection to get that perfect shot. Allows manual adjustments

23+ themes for any occasion

– Record, trim , or move videos, add text overlays or change the video speed

Video clips in different dimensions like portrait, square or cinema

100plus free music for background use and add your own

– HD 1080p export

— QuikStories is compatible with the GoPro app and creates amazing videos made from media taken in the past 72 hours.

This version of PRO automatically backups your GoPro footage

Key Features of Quik Video Editor


– Handles videos that are taken from any device or camera

– Can handle 4k video This is a huge advantage over other applications

It does not leave an impression of watermark

– Excellent for basic editing

Quik’s features for murals lets you design your top shots in distinct events

Auto edits music to be in sync with the video beat


– Your project is kept in the cloud for a short period of time, so it is not possible to go back and modify it at any time you’d like to

The absence of an Undo feature means it is difficult return to the last edit

Unsatisfactory Customer Support. Problems and bugs remain unsolved even after numerous complaints from customers.

The automatic edits make it difficult to modify

3. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo Video Editor

A strong video editor application. Filmora go is one of the most effective free video editing app to use on Android phones that does not add a watermark or the duration of the video. It lets you make professional videos that include a range options of filters and styles. It is easy to upload the videos with your contacts via Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp right from the platform.

The review: FilmoraGo received an all-around score of 4.6/5 Based on reviews of 626,723 users.

Prices Effects and filters can be purchased through in-app purchases that range between $0.99 to $34.99 per item

Key Features:

Import content from social network websites like Instagram and Facebook

Extensive library of songs licensed by the artist

– Lip sync your videos

Create videos in various dimensions : cinema, square, etc.

– Trim, reverse, or turn videos, add text overlays Play at a high speed

– Multiple slow or fast motions within the same video

Change the speed and the timeline of title can add more titles

It supports many languages such as German, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish, etc

Key Features – FilmoraGo Video Editor


Simple to use and packed with free features

Professionally produced, high-quality videos

Access to premium templates for presets within the Professional version


The wide variety of filters, presets and effects aren’t backed by a solid tutorial on how to use them.

The audio fades out towards end of the video

The horizontal timeline can make video editing complicated

4. KineMaster

KineMaster Video Editor

KineMaster is a fully-featured video editor that is available for Android. It is a powerful tool that are simple to use. There are more than 2500 effects, transitions, transitions, videos, images and transitions. In addition, EQ settings, ducking, and volume envelope tools makes the audio on KineMaster extremely intense and strong. The premium subscription features unlimited exports at resolutions as high as 4K.

The KineMaster Review KineMaster is a top-rated product with an average score of 4.4/5 basing on the feedback from 4,511,621 customers.


Yearly charge after seven days of free trial


Monthly Subscription


Key Features:

– In-built graphics, fonts and stickers clips, transitions, and more , to make your video

Many layers of video images, stickers and text

Keyframe animation tool that allows you to add the motion of layers

Vocals and voice-overs background music

Create stunning effects using Blend mode

– Share on YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, etc

Key features KineMaster Video Editor


This includes green screen audio adding, extracting the volume, controlling the volume as well as a key for chroma key and much more.

– You can add several audio or video layers, which is fantastic for those who are advanced in their creations

– Can download multiples assets like stickers, images, backgrounds, etc. from its store of assets

Continuously updated Youtube channel with tutorials on how-tos


– Very difficult to cut videos and audios that have the tight fitting timeline

It can take some time to adjust to

The subscription does not reflect across devices at all times.

The app is only able to be used in horizontal mode, which could be a bit uncomfortable

Extremely advanced for novices

– Creates a watermark on the free version.

5. VivaVideo

VivaVideo Video Editor

VivaVideo is an free video editing app that is available for Android that includes every basic function that you’d expect and a variety of more advanced features making it an outstanding contender.

VivaVideo is among the most complete video editing applications, offering video editing features including creating videos using photos with songs, editing video with transitions as well as the addition of video to video as well as mixing video clips and including music to video and more. It features numerous Special Effects/Stickersand filters, as well as animated clips to enhance your videos. It is easy to post videos directly to social media accounts. video on your preferred social media profiles directly from the app.

The review: VivaVideo has gained an overall score of 4.6/5 Based on reviews of 12,970,605 customers.


Monthly Plan


Yearly VIP Membership


Key Features:

Professional music video maker using music and effects

Make videos using songs and pictures effortlessly

– A variety of video editing effects such as blur background and slowing down videos and speed up videos etc.

– Mix several video clips to create one video

Edit, cut or merge while editing the video

– Export videos at your desired resolution like 720p, 1080p, 4K, etc

Key Features -VivaVideo Video Editor


It also has an integrated slow-motion video creator

It is extremely effective to create short videos for social media

– Very simple to use even for amateur users.

Cut the clips and place them wherever you’d like


Each update causes problems with the app running

It is prone to erase images or text or to place it elsewhere in the video

– There are a variety of issues when making music to video

It’s difficult to add and manage more than one audio or video file

The number of ads on the free version can make it difficult to concentrate

Simply add music easily to videos

With our easy-to-use mobile editing app

You can try Filmr free

Simply add music easily to videos

6. WeVideo

WeVideo Video Editor

WeVideo for Android allows users to be simple and fast to make and share incredible videos. It’s been featured on TechCrunch, CNET, ReelSEO, The Next Web, Wired and many other places. With the Video Editor app from WeVideo allows you to capture moments wherever they occur, and turn them into stunning videos and share them with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

WeVideo Professional, or Business plan comes with additional advantages, including expanded music and themes libraries, high-quality graphics without WeVideo watermark, etc.

WeVideo Review WeVideo is gaining an average score of 4.0/5 Based on reviews of 164,724 users.


Professional Plan

$41.81/month and $249.47/year

Unlimited Plan

$14.63/month and $86.41/year

Power Plan

$9.06/month and $53.66/year

Mobile Pass

$3.76 one-year pass

Key Features:

Create stunning videos using stunning video theme and video filters

If you upgrade your software you can upload as high-quality 4K Ultra High Definition video

Make use of the blurred background to make your vertical videos

You can add the tune of your choice music or utilize its royalty-free library to create customized soundtracks

Publish and upload your content the content to YouTube, Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook, etc

Key Features – WeVideo Video Editor


Good for basic video editing needs

It is easy to make slideshows with little effort

Great for sharing social media posts quickly and compilations


Very restricted music text fonts, themes are available in the free account

Requests permission to access the product’s usage, which could seem like an invasion

It is impossible to remove the watermark on the free version.

It is difficult to alter music beats to the video

You cannot upload the video directly on any social media

7. VideoShow

VideoShow Video Editor

VideoShow is a great app for video editing features. It’s an easy and efficient video editing app and movie scene maker that is suitable for artistic directors as well as beginners. With this video cutter you can reverse blur duplicate, edit and merge, cut or split collage clips, and videos.

VideoShow lets you add subtitles on any video or change the audio. You can also download all video from your mobile device, and then apply various filters. The app contains an inventory of over 50 elaborate themes for stunning music video/slideshow/vlogs instantly.

The review: VideoShow received an all-around score of 4.6/5 Based on reviews of 5,704,936 customers.


Annual Subscription


One-Time Purchase


Key Features:

Create beautiful subtitles using various styles and fonts

– Minimize video size directly from the app

It is simple and efficient for professionals and novices

One can effortlessly record videos via this app and edit them later.

– Extract audio tracks from videos

— Doodle to draw on video (only in the VIP version)

Key Features -VideoShow Video Editor


Excellent transitions and a variety of music selections

– The ability to add multiple images as you want to a single video

– Images are collaged on video

You can join multiple videos in one clip

Beautiful themes to enrich videos

You can set a precise time-cut to alter the audio


– Issues when posting videos directly via social media

Quality loss after exporting video

The themes cannot be utilized in square format

Watermarks on the free version

2K+ or better quality videos can’t be edited with the free version.

8. Magisto

Magisto Video Editor

Magisto makes use of sophisticated A.I. to identify the most valuable parts of your video. It intelligently applies editing methods, including video stabilization, filtering for object detection and effects, as well as auto-cropping to produce mind-blowing videos that are more impressive than the typical video or slideshow.

It is designed to serve as your personal film editor Magisto blends photos, clips filters music along with text to assist you to tell your story. Every now and then, Magisto will present you with a completely automated private surprise film using the converted images and video clips in your collection.

Review: Magisto has received an overall score of 4.1/5 basing on the feedback from 1,133,767 customers.


Monthly Subscription


Annual Subscription

$18.43 Paid Yearly, [$1.53/month]

Key Features:

– Post your video content via social media platforms with just a tap

– Select royalty-free music classified into mood, genre, and class

– You can also add music right from your phone

– Combine clips, photos, stickers, music, texts, filters, etc. to create a stunning video

• Turn any video into a narrative using the app’s AI-powered intelligence

Key Features – Magisto Video Editor


This app is ideal for those with no prior experience in video editing

It’s semi-automatic. all you have to do is choose your images or videos to let Magisto’s artificial intelligence guide your to the next step.

– Has a sleek and easy interface

Create multiple videos quickly, using customisable templates

The feed is that allows you to view videos uploaded by other users


There isn’t much space for video editing. Manual video editing

There is an assistance center, but it’s difficult to reach their support team via email or phone

– AI performs the majority of the work, however it’s impossible to pick specific or precisely-timed shifts

Too many review pop-ups that are recurring. pop-ups

9. InShot

InShot Video editor

InShot is an extremely powerful video editing app available for Android and is also an editor of movies featuring features such as trim and cut videos and movies, add music, text stickers and glitches, blur backgrounds and There is no Crop. It offers basic but robust video editing features and is aiding you in testing your artistic abilities.

It allows you to make stunning videos effortlessly on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

The InShot review: InShot is a top-rated product with an average score of 4.8/5 Based on reviews of 11,994,317 users.


After 7-Days Free Trial

$9.06/year as well as 75 cents/month

Monthly Subscription


One- Time Purchase


Key Features:

– Video Splitter, Video Trimmer and Video Cutter

– Join and merge clips from two distinct videos

– Powerful pro video editor for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok,, etc

There are tons of filters and vibrant backgrounds

Supports multiple formats and ratios

Adjust music volume using the fade-in and fade-out features

Key Features – InShot Video Editor


Easy to use and extremely useful for those who are just starting out

Multiple options of text music and stickers, and much more.

You can resize videos and posts to suit your requirements

– The ability to add different transitions following each new image or video clip

– Perform color corrections to videos as well as photos


There’s no way to return to your earlier version of editing

Ads may be annoying for certain users

It can be a bit hard to edit audio files. Every song begins from the first beat , and can be confusing to first-time users.

Simply transfer your video clips

to the beats of your music

Filmr is a great option for free

Simply connect your video clips

10. PowerDirector

PowerDirector Video Editor

PowerDirector can be described as an Android video editor that allows you to create videos in 4K resolution Edit videos using multi-timeline features and then upload them to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

It allows you to add music and motion titles, transitions, effects, emojisand filters and much more to enrich your videos.

It’s also an Editors Selection app in Google Play.

Test: PowerDirector is gaining an average score of 4.5/5 basing on reviews from 157,8358 of its users.


Quarterly Subscription


Monthly Subscription


Yearly Subscription


Key Features:

Export videos that have up to 4K resolution

Video Stabilizer can repair shaky footage

Chroma key to edit the background of green on screen

– Add glitches and transition effect to help make the video appear more modern

Overlay clips to create double exposure effects

Blending modes that are multi-faceted and a multi-timeline interface

Key Features – PowerDirector Video Editor


Add layers to multiple layers , and edit each layer separately

Simple switching between phone and computer by integrating it with Cyberlink

– Royalty-free library

Download images and videos direct from Google drive

– Pre-made templates help in creating videos quickly

It includes a wealth of how-to tutorials that explain every feature


Too many advertisements and useless notifications

The files take much too long to open

Limited to the horizontal editing interface

Summing up

10 best Video Editing Apps for Android 2022

If you’ve got the the top 10 Android video editors for 2022, it’s time to download the app that meets your needs. If you’re looking to boost your video-making abilities take a look at our blog about how to make amazing adjustments to videos in less than 5 minutes.

If you have questions or would like to discuss the topic further visit the IV community to get advice from over more than 25k other marketing professionals and video creators like you.


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