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best 10 WhatsApp Trackers app for Android in 2023

best 10 WhatsApp Trackers app for Android in 2023 WhatsApp is a messaging app that is available in various regions around the globe. It’s also free to downloading and using. It’s a different method of communication that saves contacts on your phone and an WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp tracker

WhatsApp trackers can be described as tracker apps that help you track WhatsApp activities. These tracker apps are available to download on your phone. Certain apps may require to be installed to your target device. Some track WhatsApp location and track chats by themselves. Some track online messages in addition to the date they last seen.

This article lists the most popular 11 WhatsApp trackers that are all-around. Find out more!

Part 1 : What You May Want to Track on WhatsApp

Part 2 : AirDroid All-in-one WhatsApp Tracker

Part 3 : 6 Best WhatsApp Online Tracker App for Online Notification and Last Seen

1. ChatWatch (Android)

2. WaStat WhatsApp Tracker (Android)

3. ChatTrack Online Tracker (Android)

4. WaLog (iOS)

5. Whatster Screen Time Tracker (iOS)

6. OnlineNotify (iOS)

Part 4 : 3 Best WhatsApp Location Tracker and Chat Monitor

Part 5: Track WhatsApp Number using Phone Number Tracker

Part 6 : Hottest Questions Related to Track WhatsApp

Part 1. What You May Want to Track on WhatsApp

best 10 WhatsApp Trackers app for Android in 2023

Live location chats, location of chats last seen as well as online notifications are four most important things you could need to track on WhatsApp. In the past, the method to track WhatsApp monitoring was to utilize the app in its own app. However, the specifics are a bit hazy. Also there’s only a certain amount you can view within WhatsApp of the target user’s WhatsApp thus, it is it is a WhatsApp tracker.

On a surface it appears that it appears that WhatsApp tracker tracks online status such as messages, use, and online activities. The concept for the WhatsApp online tracker can be to improve productivity. It accomplishes this by constantly updating the target user’s routine on a daily basis. At the end of the day, it is compared to determine the best option.

Part 2. AirDroid All-in-one WhatsApp Tracker

AirDroid Parental Control app can also be used as a single-stop WhatsApp tracker. It keeps track of online notification, last seen, location use, chats and locations. It’s free and includes more than Just Whatapp monitoring.

AirDroid Parental Control app

Some of its benefits are:

You will be notified immediately of any calls or messages sent to your target device’s WhatsApp

Record the audio of WhatsApp conversations or listen to calls on your phone

Remotely monitor phones of kids while they use WhatsApp or other apps.

Check how long your children have been using WhatsApp and also when they are using WhatsApp

Set the time and duration for when kids are allowed to make use of WhatsApp. Schedule when and how long kids can use WhatsApp app.

In addition to its complete WhatsApp tracking capabilities. AirDroid WhatsApp tracker can be our top choice because of

Real-time location tracking

It is able to track the exact location via GPS. You can also create safe zones and receive immediate alerts.

Remote Camera

Remote camera features give an access point to target device’s camera, without the owner’s knowledge. It allows you to take photos and create videos using it. You can also make videos with the target camera from your computer (anywhere and at any time).

Monitor Social App

It also allows monitoring of other social media apps , such as Snapchat Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, WeChat, etc.

Reliable and easy to use

It’s simple to use and is developed by AirDroid and is a product that many respected media outlets have advised.

Part 3. 6 Best WhatsApp Online Tracker App for Online Notification and Last Seen



ChatWatch utilizes data that comes from WhatsApp most often online notification and last seen for last seen, to track activities. The information it collects can tell you details concerning users who are target user, such as the frequency they make use of the app. The funniest thing is that the app can simultaneously examine the information on 2 target users to find out whether they’ve texted.


The app is only available to Android Users and very simple to use. It is necessary to fill in your WhatsApp phone number for the target user in ChatWatch to track the duration of their online or offline time. ChatWatch monitors up to two WhatsApp numbers, based on the subscription you have.


Instant notification whenever the target user goes online or logs in late in the late at night.

Complete timeline that allows you to track online time and last seen in detail

You can predict the likelihood that two contacts of you are communicating with one another. This allows you to make comparisons based upon the coincidence of their online activities.

It can provide insight into the amount of the amount of sleep time it is estimated that the target user receives each day.


WaStat WhatsApp Tracker

WaStat is a different WhatsApp online tracker which provides online notifications and also monitors when the user was last seen. It is a part of Android, which is the Android operating system, and is easy to use. You can download it from the play store, install app from the Play Store and then tap on the top right corner on your screen in order to include the individual’s names in the track.

WaStat WhatsApp Tracker

You will receive a prompt notification when they go online. The app displays all time intervals on a time-based view. Help is provided by the customer support team to assist you track WhatsApp online condition within the shortest time. Recently the app has added offline notifications and animation support.


It also shows hours of active use.

It monitors and displays stats and notifications for the last 30 days.

It is capable of monitoring as many as 10 contacts at once

Instant notification immediately if the target user goes online


Chat Track Online Tracker

Another excellent WhatsApp online tracker app to use for online notifications and last seen has been Chat Track online tracker. It’s a free category for productivity app. It keeps track of when you were last seen with a quick notification to keep an eye on your children. The notification includes 24/7, 7 days 7 days a week coverage.

Chat Track Online Tracker

Chat Track tracks “last seen” in just two clicks. Click on the + icon on the very top, and enter”last seen” as the target number. Set the time period for tracking and then watch for notifications.



WaLog online last seen tracker can be described as a sophisticated WhatsApp online tracker to track last seen and notifications. It lets you know the amount of time your children spend using WhatsApp or if they’re using their time using WhatsApp instead of resting on an evening of school. With WaLog you can track the time they were last seen and get notifications whenever they are online as well as offline. WaLog is an iOS-compatible tracker.

WaLog Online Last Seen Tracker


Online or offline notifications

It tracks more than one person at one time

Comprehensive analysis and tracking reports

24/7 customer support via the app

Compare the data and report on two numbers


Whatster Screen Time Tracker

Whatster Screen Time Tracker can be described as an application-based tracker in the category of productivity. It is able to track online activity as well as notifications in one go. Users receive instant notifications whenever the permitted time to utilize WhatsApp is reached. Whatster does not work just on WhatsApp. It also tracks other social media as well as online messengers. It allows you to add as many as 10 accounts at a time.

Whatster Screen Time Tracker


Control of productivity

Daily, hourly and more detailed weekly reports

24/7 support for customers in the app to ease the app use

You can use as many as 10 numbers to track the online status

The app is free to download. app update to improve performance

Simple and simple user interface

Unlimited notification

AI-based photo suggestions feature



An alternative WhatsApp “last seen” tracker for iOS devices is OnlineNotify. It is available on iPhones as well as iPads. You might be exhausted of waiting for contacts to be online via WhatsApp. If that’s the scenario, you can track their online activities with OnlineNotify. It will notify you of their availability online or offline. This lets you are aware of the time you have you can converse with them. To work, however. WhatsApp requires running in the background and have an internet connection that is reliable.



Be notified when you are outside of WhatsApp

Be notified whenever target users begin recording or typing audio messages

You will be notified when your target user has seen the WhatsApp message you’ve sent to them

Personalize the contact

Change status to last seen

Include an indication of online users on your chat list

Part 4. 3 Best WhatsApp Location Tracker and Chat Monitor


FoneWatcher For WhatsApp

FoneWatcher is a useful as well as trustworthy location tracker as well as a chat monitoring app for WhatsApp. It works with the most recent iOS as well as Android operating system. It comes with a variety of monitoring capabilities. FoneWatcher monitors the current location and exports it to a file. It also oversees app activities, such as other social media applications. It also monitors iCloud to iOS users. It can sync, export, and downloads information from iCloud and all of it is protected by top-of-the-line encryption.

FoneWatcher for WhatsApp


Monitors and tracks WhatsApp chats

Monitors messages from media sent or received on WhatsApp

Check WhatsApp status updates

Make a copy of messages on WhatsApp. WhatsApp

Keep a record of WhatsApp audio messages and calls

Export WhatsApp data

24/7 customer service for a good customer experience


eyeZy WhatsApp Monitoring

eyeZy is an WhatsApp online tracker to track location and monitoring chat online activities in almost all messenger applications. It’s supported by Android as well as iOS operating systems. It lets you monitor multiple WhatsApp contact at a time. It is precise and non-erratic.

eyeZy for WhatsApp


It offers the real-time GPS location

It analyzes WI-FI networks, and offers advanced network analysis

Find the full historical location that is the target contact

Customize geofenced zones

Be informed of location and movements, as well as the arrival time

Look up WhatsApp chat and contact listing of target user.

Alert button for assistance whenever the target user requires assistance.


TrackMyFone WhatsApp Monitoring

TrackMyFone WhatsApp Monitoring an app that acts as a location as well as a chat monitoring, which is utilized by parents and even employers. It can remotely monitor live WhatsApp location and is able to remotely wipe or lock phones. TrackMyFone lets you access conversations and messages with multimedia on WhatsApp. It works to Android and iOS devices.



Screen for control time to increase productivity

Other social media platforms and Messenger applications

Geofencing can be used to flag unsafe places

Receive instant notifications via the target device

Watch WhatsApp calls (video and audio) and phone calls

It comes with more than 30 tracking features.

Live chat support 24/7, customer service

Part 5. Track WhatsApp Number by using Phone Number Tracker

The Phone Number Tracker is a no-cost online phone number tracker to track WhatsApp numbers. Simply select the country, and then enter the number that you want to track and the site will provide all of the information.

Phone Number Tracker

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp is a well-known app. Because of its popularity there are a variety of WhatsApp tracker applications available. Each with particular features they are able to track. To have an all-round WhatsApp tracker you require an app that can track at least the majority of WhatsApp features including to the last seen on to calls, chats and audio messages.

The best app to achieve this then AirDroid WhatsApp online tracker. It’s an all-round tracker to monitor social media in addition to app management. Additionally, it has additional attributes that make it the most effective parents’ control app.

AirDroid WhatsApp tracker can be accessible for free. Click here to download it for yourself today!

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What is WhatsApp’s best 10 WhatsApp Trackers app for Android in 2023

WhatsApp “last seen” trackers are tracker applications that keep track of the frequency at which the target user is online in WhatsApp. “Last seen” or “last seen” is the last time the user was online. WhatsApp is equipped with this feature in addition, last seen trackers make use of it to aid in WhatsApp monitoring. Its last seen analysis forecasts when the target user will be online and the frequency they use WhatsApp.



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